About the Project

We are usingthe AD&D 2nd Edition Dark Sun books to recreate the setting using NWN(Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition) Which can be bought on BeamDogs Website or Steam.

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The World of Athas

The remains of Athasian civilization tenuously clings to life in the Tyr Region, an area that takes its name from the oldest city-state.

The Tyr Region boasts dozens of towns and villages, but most Athasians live in one of the seven great city-state. Ancient and despotic sorcererkings rule the Seven Cities, defiling life for city-state residents as well as the smaller societies that dwell in the expanses between the urban centers.

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We have totally new custom races models for every race even the standard NWN races. Dark Sun playable races are a little different then other D&D settings. For example elves are 7 foot tall while halflings are thin wild cannibals.

- Aarakocra
- Dwarf
- Half-Elf
- Half-Giant
- Halfling
- Human
- Mul
- Pterran
- Tri-Kreen

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Yes we have totally new custom ridable Dark Sun mounts.

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Totally new custom tilesets